SLA 3D Printer BA600
Brozan 3D printer has the characteristics of simple operation, high degree of automation, and fast printing speed, has helped thousands of companies improve their efficiency.Touch panel computer, excellent 3D printing control software, high-quality optoelectronic components, screw guide rails, and intelligent coating system, it can print high-precision parts with a layer thickness of 0.05mm, including samples, molds and final products.

Brozan is committed to the market application of 3D printing technology, combining the characteristics of different industries, giving full play to the advantages of 3D printing, and providing users with scientific and effective solutions, including product development, rapid molds, finished products manufacturing, etc.
Are you still worried about these problems?
01. Can't make products with complex structure? 02. The CNC machining efficiency is too low? 03. Is the loss of personnel severely causing normal production? 04. The existing development and production costs are too high?
Company Profile
Tianjin Brozan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial 3D printers, and provides scientific and efficient 3D printing solutions for various industries. As a leading 3D printer manufacturer, Brozan produces SLA, SLS, SLM, DLP and other types of 3D printers that can print resin, plastic, nylon, metal and other materials.